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Shocking life condition of Ethiopian housemaids in Arab countries

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 28: An Ethiopian housemaid committed suicide by
hanging herself with a rope from the ceiling of her room inside the
house of her sponsor in Taima.
Reportedly, when the Operations Room of Ministry of Interior received
information about an Ethiopian housemaid hanging from the ceiling of
her room in Taima, securitymen rushed to the location. They discovered
that the housemaid had tied one end of the rope to the ceiling of her
room and wrapped the other end around her neck.

The corpse was referred to the Forensics Department. A suicide case
was registered and investigations are ongoing to determine the cause of
the suicide.

Ethiopian Maid found walking without clothes in Saudi
Saudi police arrested an Ethiopian housemaid for walking naked in a public place and said they believe she is mentally ill.

Internet users in the Gulf Kingdom, the largest base for Asian and
African housemaids in the region, had circulated a YouTube film on
social networks showing a woman talking off her gown and walking naked
on a street in Riyadh at night.

Police said the woman shown in the film is an Ethiopian maid who was
arrested after they received calls from residents in the area. They
denied a report associated with the film that the maid could have been

"The maid has been taken to a psychiatry hospital for treatment as
she is not mentally normal…we have contacted her country's embassy to
follow up her treatment and arrange for her deportation from the
Kingdom," police spokesman Colonel Nassir al Qahtani said, quoted by
Alsaudeh daily.

Kuwaiti Citizen 'Admits' To Killing His Ethiopian Maid
KUWAIT CITY: A Kuwaiti man is said to have admitted to killing his
Ethiopian maid whose remains were accidentally found by a citizen
Wednesday in a desert, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to initial Forensic report the maid was killed by a single
fatal blow to the head. The interrogation with the accused showed he had
buried the corpse of the victim to escape punishment.

The source added the Director of the Ahmadi Investigation Department
Colonel Waleed Al-Drei and his assistant Major Salim Mardi followed up
the case and assigned captains Yousef Yousef, and Khalaf Qabil to
investigate the case after the remains were found buried in the desert.

Their investigations revealed the sponsor had filed a missing persons report on the maid 10 days before the remains were found.

The source said when the 33-year-old sponsor, identified only as
F.A., was summoned for routine interrogation the officer was shocked
when the sponsor easily confessed to murdering the woman.

He told the officer that he lost his temper when he discovered the maid
was beating his children and on the night of the crime "I hit her on the
head with a hard object but I did not intend to kill her."

When she slumped on the floor, "I realized the blow was fatal. So I took the remains to the desert and buried them."

The Al-Rai daily said the sponsor is a military man working for the
Kuwaiti Army. The daily also said the man was always beating the maid
and kept her starving for most of the time.

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