To do something positive for a family thats going through what I have.

Those who know me, know that I had a younger brother that passed almost 15 years ago due to leukemia. I've tried to live my life as a good person, joined the Marine Corps, went to Kuwait, been in and out of school, and finally graduated. I'm still trying to better myself and I finally feel like its time I did something special for a family that's going through the same ordeal my family went through all those years ago.

I want to be able to give back to someone who's deserving. A family that might fall through the cracks in all the red tape. To know that what I might raise is going to a family that I feel would be deserving.

Help me, help a deserving family. Donate to my cause, a single dollar anything would help. Forward my cause to your friends, and have them forward it to their friends.

Please help my cause.

1. This is my personal Make-A-Wish for a family with a child living with cancer.

2. Give a child the same opportunity my brother once got.

3. I've always wanted to give something back.