Invite Your Friends To Join!

Our cause is growing everyday! Encourage ALL of your friends to join...You may just save a life in the process!

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This cause is growing stronger everyday! Only you can spread the word to others...Your actions just might save a life! Invite your friends to join...Thanks for all your support! Thanks, Chris:)

Growing Stronger Every Day!

Being involved just may save a life...

Ask a friend to join us!!!

Invite your friends to join us...Thanks to you awareness of the dangers of texting while driving has reached many people. Together we can grow even larger and who knows, maybe even save someones life!

Invite Your Friends To Join!

Thanks for being involved in this important cause! We are growing in numbers...Everyone invite all of your friends to join us. Thanks everyone, have a safe weekend! Chris :)

Ask a friend to join us!!!

This is an important cause...Everyone invite a friend to join. Who knows, it might save a life! Thank you all and have a wonderful day!!!

Cell phone related accidents...

Thank all of you for being involved in this important cause...I would like to invite you to share any information or thoughts that you may have on texting and driving. Spread the word. Stay Alive,Don't text and drive!
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