Empowering people to prevent and manage disease in the developing world

The Global Micro-Clinic Project (GMCP) is a nonprofit organization which seeks to identify the most widespread and debilitating public health problems in economically depressed areas of our world and empower people to prevent and manage their diseases in a way that ensures the long-term evolution and survival of the effort.

"Micro-clinics" are organically formed small groups of approximately 3-15 participants who self-organize to manage their disease in response to GMCP’s specifically targeted programs.

More specifically, micro-clinics are patient treatment groups that coordinate the medical, social, financial, and human resources required for the long-term management of a disease into one cohesive framework.

Within this framework, each stakeholder, including the patient, is responsible for playing a role in the collective effort to combat that disease. Thus the micro-clinic itself serves as a nexus for the unique set of challenges the disease presents and the corresponding set of solutions that the community offers in response.

The micro-clinic model is intrinsically flexible in that it is designed to coordinate the resources and services that are locally available and, wherever possible, supplement those that are not. Yet, there are five common characteristics that define the model across cultural contexts: social support, a location, health education, shared medical resources, and integration with the local medical system.

For more information, please visit http://gmcp.org or e-mail [email protected]

1. Whereas the global chronic disease epidemic has the potential to become one of the greatest health catastastrophes in the world,

2. The GMCP has answered this call with its micro-clinic model which aims to empower people to prevent and manage chronic disease

3. For more information, please visit http://gmcp.org

4. For a video about the GMCP's project in Kenya, please visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2ycqTS-pHA

5. For media on the GMCP, please visit: http://gmcp.org/latest-news