AID aims to provide short and long term relief and rehabilitation to disaster victims. It is also committed to tackling the problems of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, dependency, disease.

Urgent appeal for millions affected by
Floods in Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka, India

As of Monday, 5 Oct 2009, more than 200 people are reported dead and an estimated 2 million displaced from their homes due to incessant rains and floods in Krishna and Tungabhadra rivers in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka that started in southern India from Thursday, Oct 1.

According to the Press Trust of India (PTI), 400 villages in five districts in the state of Andhra Pradesh have been hit by the worst floods in 100 years. In Karnataka, heavy loss of life and destruction to property was in the northern districts of Bijapur, Bagalkot, Raichur and Bellary. Both in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, over 300,000 houses were damaged due to floods.

Those displaced are suffering acutely due to lack of food and clean water. This is an hour we all must come together and show our wholehearted support for the flood survivors. It is critical that the immediate needs such as food, clean water and medicine are provided to those affected.

AID INDIA is a volunteer movement, and a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization (tax ID 04-365260). Donations to AID are tax-deductible in the USA.

AID INDIA has experience in working on relief and rehabilitation in flood affected areas during Tsunami, Bihar and Cyclone Aila recently.

Right now AID INDIA is actively working with several partner organizations in Andhra and Karnataka for relief and rehabilitation of the survivors. It is committed to ensure that the funds get dispatched at the earliest. We hope you will help us maximize the support we can provide as quickly as possible. The need is dire and we all must act with the greatest possible urgency to rush aid and relief to those affected.

AID is one of the participants of the America's giving challenge. The top 7 charities with the highest number of donations (not amount but number) will get between $10,000 to $50,000. Please make a small donation like $10 today or every day for the next 3 weeks (till Nov 6th 3 PM Eastern Time). Only one donation per day per person is counted to track the number of donations. So your $10 daily or even one-time can help raise $50,000 for AID. If you plan to donate more than $10, please split it into $10s and spread them over several days.

Whether you have a facebook account or not you can surely contribute to AID via this link for your donation to count towards Facebook's $50,000 challenge.


Your donation helps provide much needed support to flood survivors in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

1. http://www.aidindia.org/floodrelief

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