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The Badger cull is off for this year!

An email I received yesterday. And after all our hard work we won the first battle. We will I'm sure have to work as hard again next year as it's odds on the Cull will raise it's evil head again.
I would like to thank everybody who responded by signing our petitions and posting our links because without that help it would be open season on Badgers. I will keep you informed on any action that may be required to fend off a cull next year just as soon as I have that information myself.
A pat on the back to you all great work and for that you have my heartfelt thanks.
Dave Dillon

From Network for Animals

We did it!

Dear David ,

Our beloved badgers have received a stay of execution thanks to your intervention! This turn of events happened last week when Defra made a surprise announcement that they planned to delay the badger cull until next summer, then on Thursday, the badger debate in the Commons resulted in MP's voting resoundingly against the cull.

It is people just like you who have won this battle. Defra came under constant pressure from your emails, from the 160,000 people who signed the petition, and from the many who wrote to their MPs. You all played a huge part in this victory. Thank you for the hard campaigning work you have done on this cause. For this winter at least, England's badgers are safe.

Although we have won the battle, we have not won the war. Please continue to help us fight to protect these creatures by donating today.

We have made significant grants towards the legal challenges against the cull, not to mention supporting fledgling badger vaccination projects in the cull zones and a rescue operation in Cornwall. We have lobbied MPs and decision-makers at the highest level and we have produced eye-catching online campaigns and printed materials to raise the profile of the proposed misguided cull. But we must do more and for that we need your help โ€“ please consider making a donation towards our campaign, no matter how small.

The threat of a cull is still there and our work is cut out for us. We must engage with politicians to guarantee that obstacles banning cattle vaccination are lifted and that a field trial is conducted. We also need to continue our support for vaccination trials in the cull zones and support organisations treating injured badgers. And we must ensure that this issue stays at the top of the public and political agenda. We want badgers to be safe forever, and we need your help to do that.

Please make a donation to support our work, and we will use it to protect badgers from being culled for as long as it takes.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Davies


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