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Dear All, as some of you may know there is a severe lack of awareness and support for the Romanian Strays, though these poor animals are the victims of some of the worst cases of abuse and cruelty known in Europe. One of the charities battling on behalf of the Rommies is a UK charity called Action Aid for Animals (Also known as Romania Animal Aid) This charity is the only UK based registered charity focusing on the plight of Romanian strays and is well respected both this side of the water as well as in Romania itself.

Last year they helped save the lives of thousands of animals through rescues, financing veterinary costs, collecting and sending aid as well as petitioning the EU commission and mediating between authorities and local small non profit groups to get access to shelters where dogs were starving to death.

However due to the lack of awareness and support from other charities and orgs in Romania ( AAFA being one of a handful helping out there) they have to work much harder than most to make an impact out there.

This is your chance to enable this amazing charity to do even more...

They are entered into a competition for charities and Non Profits where if they win they will receive $3000. Just to give you an idea of what this would mean for the strays, for just $10 you can feed 40 dogs, for just $25 you can spay a female stray stopping future victims of abuse and cruelty....

So lets get behind Action Aid for Animals and show our support for the Romanian Strays by doing the following: (

( AID FOR ANIMALSwww.1clickdonation.comHelp this association receive a donation from 1ClickDonation! (

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