Final round funding desperately needed to buy the remaining 40% of equipment needed to open the hospital’s doors.

Visit the project website at http://www.neurokolkata.org/

Your donations will go directly to help buy the remaining 40% of equipment needed to open the hospital’s doors. Here is a detailed description of of the project effort.

In March 2006, the Institute of Neurosciences, the dream of renowned Neurosurgeon Dr. Robin Sengupta, broke ground on a 150 bed Neurosciences Institute in Kolkata, India. The project was largely backed by financing and private donations. Now, difficulties related to contractors and the financial crisis slowed momentum. The building is complete (please visit http://www.neurokolkata.org/ for images), 60% of the required equipment has been acquired, but we are missing the remaining 40%.

When opened, a staff of full time medical specialists and an organizational management team will focus on Neurology, Neurosurgery, Neuro-Rehabilitation & Neuropsychiatry for adults & children. Our resources and low-cost plan allows us to already guarantee an unthinkable 20% bed capacity free of charge with a focus on using that space to treat underprivileged children suffering from critical Pediatric Neurology illnesses.

If you are interested in donating a large amount (thus qualifying for certain donor status levels and benefits/tokens of appreciation), please contact [email protected] for an extended explanation. Donations are tax Exempt in the USA, UK, and India.

For more information, please visit http://www.neurokolkata.org/.

Thank you for considering this most worthy cause.

1. Neuropsychiatry: Care for psychiatric problems particularly after head injury and stroke is non-existent in Kolkata.

2. Trauma Center: Everyday 500 people in India die from head injury alone and in North-east of India, it is approximately 200.

3. Stroke Center: Cerebrovascular stroke is the third-most common cause of death but it is the main cause of prolonged disability.

4. Endovascular Center: Many vascular lesions such as aneurysms, arterio-venous malformations and other vascular lesions of the brain can be treated.

5. Neuro-Oncology Center:Cancer of the brain as in any other part of the body is the second-most prevalent cause of death.