We aim to get as much signatures as possible to send to the Cameroon parliament in order to get the law on daul nationality for Cameroonians!

Is about time the Cameroon government allow it's citizens their right to have dual nationality, if they opt to have it. The Country is losing too many of it's skilled citizens to the west because they are holding passports of the various countries that they leave in.
Many of these people would like to go and work or carry out businesses in Cameroon which will in turn help the countries eeconomy to grow rapidly but they do not want to go back to their own country as foreigners.
The Cameroon Community is petitioning the countries parliament to change the law on dual nationality so, do join us now by signing this petition.

1. Click on link below to sign the petition

2. http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/camerooncommunity/index.html