To keep the city / county from demolishing the old Kenyon High School home of the Vikings building

I have been in contact with Dan Rechtzigal, Goodhue County Commissioner, and with Chris Heineman, City of Kenyon Administrator, and their news is both bleak and inspiring. The building is slated to be forfeited by the state to Goodhue County in May of 2010. They may have some public interest input meeting in January 2010. Heineman tells me he would LOVE to some IDEAS from Alumni / others interested in preserving the building. Costs will be high, and the ideas must consider cost vs. potential Return on Investment (the building use's ability to pay off it's own debt) Contact Chris at [email protected] with IDEAS.

1. Our High School building has value and can once again contribute to a thriving community and county

2. We, as alumni, share a common interest in investing in that historic building. They didn't let a fire keep that building from being rebuilt.

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