Help make the holiday season a time of warmth, excitement, and laughter for those at Edgewood who need it the most!

Edgewood Center for Children and Families has a long history of caring for children that have been inadequately provided for within their family, school, or community environments. With your help, we can brighten the holidays for those who need it the most. Your contribution will help make this season the happiest time of year for our children, youth, and families. Thank you for your generosity and support!

1. The holiday season can be a particularly challenging time for those served by Edgewood.

2. Many of our children find the holidays to be a sad and lonely time because of painful events that took place during their young lives.

3. Many children served by Edgewood have no family to celebrate with during the holidays.

4. Edgewood's children and families are low-income – basic necessities are barely affordable and even the simplest of luxuries are out of the question.