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Don't Be Silent this November! - HAITIAN-AMERICAN COMMUNITIES GET OUT TO VOTE THIS November 6, 2012


Friends of Haiti 2010 is reminding all Haitian Americans that Tuesday November 6 is Election Day, and you have the opportunity to make your voices heard in the communities where you live.

When you cast your ballot for a U.S. President, Senator or state representative in any given election, you are voting for an elected official who will represent your community, district or state.

Elected officials are accountable to the voters who put them into office. Their primary responsibility is to listen to their constituents and enact legislation that will improve the lives of the communities they serve. Elections are also important because it gives you an opportunity to vote for a candidate that shares your political ideology and reflects the diversity of your community.

This year the choice is even more important. When you go to the polls, you will be casting a ballot to elect officials who will be involved in deciding what is done about major issues facing the country including:
Health Care
Social Security
Housing foreclosures
Lack of affordable housing
Rising costs of college
Energy policy
Immigration Reform
On Tuesday FOH2010 is reminding Democrats, Republicans and Independents not to stay home or neglect to perform this important CIVIC DUTY! And to keep in mind that one vote can make a huge difference.

Polls are open from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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