Find the persons responsible for the brutal double murder of Terry and Darleen Anderson

In October of 2005 while settling in to watch TV for the evening, Terry and Darleen Anderson were brutally beaten to death in their Mongo, Indiana, home by an unknown person or persons.

There is a $21,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

The purpose of this cause is primarily to help gather tips to help solve this horrific double murder, but also to raise money for the reward fund, and to offset the costs of billboards and other advertising.

1. Terry and Darleen were brutally murdered in their Mongo, IN, home in Oct. 2005

2. There is a $21,000 reward for information that leads to and arrest and conviction.

3. www.terryanddarleen.com

4. This was the first ever double homicide in Lagrange County, Indiana