Making a safe environment for children with Autisim!!! Make a difference find resources and share with the world let the fun begin and learn!!! I want this cause to spread for evertone because 1 is great but thousands are better. I started a discussion board to talk, vent, cry, whaterver we will need to do to make this chain go around the world to make our stance. I Thank everyone.. Share your stories, so I can start writing the 1st bill and bring it to the legilature. Then I can start our own not for profit. I want a olace where parents can feel safe to leave there child. I want to accomplish this over the next year...

1. Autism Awareness in Ponchatoula, LA!

2. What is Autism?

3. Buid a place for Atuistic KIds to have fun and be safe and love them for the special things they have within them.