Bare-handed bull killing has taken place

Dear all, Thank you for all that you have done so far with this cause, however I write with the sad news that the bull killings did indeed take place on Saturday. To be completely honest, I didn't expect any other outcome at this stage, due to the fact that…Read More


Please join me in contacting Oprah - Urgent! URGENT Action needed Dear all, old and new members alike, I am sending out this message again, in case you haven't acted on it yet; it could lead to the very steps we need to get the bull killing halted. An…Read More

Please join me in contacting Oprah - Urgent!

URGENT Action needed Hi guys, I know i'm contacting you a lot at the moment, but that's because the bull's torture and death is becoming imminent as the date is drawing closer. However, there is still a possibility that something can be done. This is a…Read More

email with the link that works actually copying in

I'm virtual-stalking you now guys, sorry. Here is the CORRECT link, actually copied in this time. If you click on it it takes you to an easly form to fill out to send to South African leaders in…Read More

sorry, last link incorrect, here's the right one!

So sorry guys, that last link didn't work. Here's the correct one. Click on it or copy and paste into browser.   Katie Timmins Cause Creator

Peta takes up call for ban on bull ritual - send a quick and easy email

Hi groovy bull huggers, Apologies if you've already received this notificaiton, had a couple of problems. Peta have now joined the fight to end the First Fruits ritual and have set up an action alert which allows you to email South African officials about it…Read More

Article in the Times

Hi there, This article has just gone in the South African Times. Click on the link to see the contents. Hope you have a great weekend guys. We will keep the pressure on! x
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