Prevention and information about rheumatic heart disease and assistance for the same.

Rheumatic heart disease is a fatal disorder in the human body that is potentially fatal/dangerous. There has been an alarming rise of rheumatic heart disease cases in the recent years, an independent survey suggests that rheumatic heart disease may overtake the number of cancer patients in the near future.
This mission/cause of prevention, information and assistance was first thought about by Dr. C.R. Rawat, a famous cardiologist and one who has proved his mettle in the field. Through also his non governmental organization named 'Jeevan Rekha', there is an initiative to spread the word.
The team is selflessly dedicated to the purpose of spreading information, prevention and providing medical assistance to the patients who are under the axe of this very fatal disease, or may be potential victims of it.
Thank you.
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1. www.jeevan-rekha.com