Can you spare 30 Seconds for Electricity

Election day is 21 days away and we need your help. Join us in taking a pledge to save mining jobs on Nov 2nd. We must stand strong to protect the mining communities in our country. Join us by visiting our friends at ACT to “Mine the Vote” Coal keeps our…Read More

The Bureaucrats are Coming! Help the Senate stop them!!!

All, We have been asked to help spread the word about potential EPA regulations that will have devestating affects on our economy. ACT, another organization detected to stopping massive government intrusion has asked us to help spread the word! If EPA gets…Read More


One of our friends needs our help! Advocacy Campaign Team for Mining needs us to send letters to members of the Senate to STOP massive new EPA Economic Intrusions. Will you please join us by voicing your support? You can sign a letter by clicking on the link…Read More

Join the Fan Page

Good Afternoon, Help us reach 2,000 Fans on our Don't Cap and Trade Our Jobs page by 3:00pm today! Join us on here Your support is truly appreciated. Best John

Call to Action!

Supporters, Will you join me in signing our letter to elected officials about the Kerry-Boxer cap and trade bill? It is imperative that we continue to be a strong voice on this important issue. Did you know that if this horrendous legislation passes, you…Read More

Sign the Petition

We have posted a petition to tell the Senate to oppose cap and trade legislation. Just last week, Senators Kerry & Boxer introduced legislation that will have a negative impact on our economy. It is time to speak up and take a stand. I encourage all of…Read More
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