Support Prisoners Rights...we need ya in Augusta tomorrow!

Hello everyone, Wanted to get an update out about where we stand. As reported previously, we had a powerful democratic caucus earlier in the week in which a number of strong and diverse voices stood up to speak in favor of the Nutting/Schatz report and in…Read More

Floor Vote Anticipated Tomorrow. Please Read

Hello All: LD 1611 was caucused by the Democratic Party yesterday. There is clear and large support for the Nutting/Schatz Report. As well, its very clear that the Democratic Caucus is interested in doing something on this issue. The LD will most likely be…Read More


Dear Friends and Supporters of ending the abuse of solitary confinement in Maine Prisons: Today, LD 1611 An Act to Ensure the Humane Treatment of Special Management Prisoners will be caucused by the Democratic Party at lunch and then most likely voted on in…Read More

Now is the Time to Flood the Lines At the Statehouse!

Friends and Allies of Reforming Maine's Laws around the use of Solitary Confinement: Below...please see the email blast by the MCLU in support of the Nutting/Schatz Report of the Solitary Confinement Bill. The Democratic Party could be caucusing this bill…Read More

Have you called/emailed in support of the Nutting/Schatz Report

Don't forget to call/email today. (and let us know if you have two hours this week to phone bank) LD 1611 could be heard as early as this week, and we need your help getting the word of support our to our elected officials. Please call/email them…Read More

Get Us Over this Next Mountain. We need you to get through the House Floor

URGENT ACTION: THE FLOOR FIGHT BEGINS Support the Nutting/Schatz Report on LD 1611 End Long-Term Solitary Confinement in Maine Dear Friends, You have helped us get this far. No one could have ever predicted that this bill would have made it this far. Last…Read More

WHO CAN VOLUNTEER: We need your help this week! any amount of time will help make a difference

Hi All: We are in crunch time and can really use all of the help that we can get. Can you do any of the following? If so, please give me a call 207-930-5232 1. can you help phone bank on Wednesday night in Portland? a script will be written for you. Its…Read More
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