Change the Boy Scout's discriminatory policy.

THE MISSION of Scouting For All, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, is to advocate on behalf of its members and supporters for the restoration of the traditionally unbiased values of Scouting as expressed and embodied in the Scout Oath & the Scout Law, and to influence the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to serve and include as participating members ALL youth and adult leaders, regardless of their spiritual belief, gender, or sexual orientation.

WE ENVISION a Scouting movement in America which once again commands the broad respect of the American people, rededicated to the traditionally unbiased principles of the Scout Oath and Scout Law, and in which the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) values and honors the contributions of its gay (GLBTQ) youth and adult leaders, and welcomes the participation of women and girls, as well as atheists and other freethinkers.

WE BELIEVE AND ADVOCATE that Scouting should be inclusive and open to all, regardless of spiritual belief, gender, or sexual orientation, and that the BSA should cease its antagonistic posture of prejudice and discrimination against gay youth and adults within Scouting. We will work for this openness to diversity at all levels of the BSA, within the communities it serves, as well as the nation at large.

WE ARE COMMITTED TO SCOUTING and affirm that Scouting is a valuable movement for youth, with commendable benefits for local communities and the nation. We believe the Scout Oath and the Scout Law are excellent guiding principles for everyone, and that adherence to them is not precluded by a gay identity. Furthermore, we believe that the Scout Oath and the Scout Law are entirely incompatible with the practice of excluding any individual based solely upon innate personal characteristics, and that to do so violates the fundamental spirit and principles expressed and embodied in the Scout Oath and the Scout Law.

1. Gays and non-theists should be allowed to become members of the Boy Scouts of America and serve openly.

2. Funding to the BSA should stop until the policy is changed.

3. Discrimination undermines the values of Scouting.