Resolution of America's Unidentified.

Can You Identify Me? is a nonprofit dedicated to America’s Unidentified.

You probably know by now that thousands of people have died in America and we don’t know their names. They are labeled John and Jane Doe. Some are buried in pauper’s graves; some remain on shelves in coroner’s offices throughout the country. They are America’s Unidentified.

You are currently visiting our unique blog experience. While dedicated to America’s Unidentified this experience differs from others. It’s not just the facts ma’am. CYIM gives each Doe featured in a narrative a temporary name, restoring each Doe's voice for a moment. CYIM features two to four narratives each month.

While our main site is under construction you will also find access to the Walls of Unidentified throughout the years, and our flyer program here on this site.

TEAM CYIM is working to bring forth a whole new dimension that will make a positive impact toward resolution of America’s Unidentified.