Facebook Debate on the Politics of the N$ 50 000 Lib.Vets Dish Outs.

Once again I am forced to observe that our SWAPO-ruled government, since it is clearly dominated by Exile Kids, it has once again prioritized the economic needs of its fellow Exile Kids and in fact, of itself! It is obvious, there is a lot of money to dish…Read More

Ethical Guideline

On the way forward, we must ALL try our very best to consciously Do No Harm, either to ourselves or to others. Rather: "Do unto others what you would prefer them do to you" and Each 1 teach 1. Stay engaged. Salaam, Shalom. Peace. Ombili Ondjo. Armas…Read More

Write a note of your worst or best memeories b4 indepedence

 As part of historical reflections, please let try to write short notes about our most pleasant and unpleasant experiences before independence? Any interesting story you would like to share with fellow Inside Kids Associates?   Will drop mine later, about my…Read More

Only Inside Kids

    Armas Shikongo Cause Creator
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