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Meet Our New Trainers; Support Our Trainers!!

Thank you all for your continued support of SAFER! Our amazing supporters have helped us raise over $4,400 so far and we have LESS THAN FOURTEEN DAYS left to reach our goal of $7,000! Please help us reach our goal--while getting perks such as stickers and t-shirts--by making a donation. Your donation will help fund our training and mentoring program, which has had its most active semester to date with trainings at schools such as Concordia University, Swarthmore, and SUNY Purchase.

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At the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, students had already made great strides in improving their school's sexual assault policy. However, they knew that their work was not over. SAFER training attendee Emily Burke saw the workshop as an opportunity to empower students to create change; she saw the training as a way to sustain the movement towards change amongst the students.

We are excited to announce the newest additions to the Training and Mentoring program at SAFER: Meredith and Sheila. They have been working hard to educate, empower, and mentor student activists across North America.

Meredith Vacek is committed to ending violence and oppression wherever she may be, and is honored to now serve as a Trainer and Mentor with SAFER. She first became engaged with social justice work in in 2005, while working on anti-racism youth programs in Germany. After completing that project, she has manifested her values by working on a number of issues: women's rights, economic human rights, and refugee youth and Arab American youth development. She has completed the United Way's Volunteer Management training program, and the Poverty Scholars Leadership Program, as well as two terms of service with Americorps. In addition to her work with SAFER, she is a Youth Counselor at a shelter for LGBTQ youth as part of the Ali Forney Center. She received her BA in German Language at the University of Kansas, where she was a founding member of the Global Awareness Program Advisory Board, member of the University's Queers and Allies club, and manager of the University’s radio station, KJHK.

Sheila Aminmadani is an educator, activist and community engagement specialist who has wor ked in human rights, social justice advocacy and youth development for nearly ten years. In 2002, while working at a local human rights organization in Ghana, West Africa, she learned the importance of grassroots organizing and the need for committed activists. She feels passionately about many things – at top of the list: advocating for women and girls' rights and empowerment; using media as a tool for social change; and improving refugee/ immigrant integration. Sheila has a Masters degree in International Affairs from The New School and a BA in Global Studies from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She is thrilled to join the SAFER team to help students organize to improv e their sexual assault policies!

Help us support our new trainers-mentors as they continue to help students end rape on their campuses. Our campaign is almost over and we know we can reach with your help!

Do you have your own story about a SAFER training? Please write us about it; we would love to hear from you.

In solidarity,
Wagatwe Wanjuki

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