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Join the #ItsInUs campaign today! #MothersAgainstChildMolesters #NoMoreExcuses #StopTheCycle #BetheVoicefortheVoiceless

Attitudes in Reverse

If you have a teen in need with their emotional state, like depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and more. Please check out this amazing Cause, called Attitudes in Reverse. Thank you, Patti. Website: Twitter:…Read More

Must check out this site on Facebook. #StopTheCycle #BetheVoiceforthfeVoiceless #NoMoreExcuses ~Patti~

Here's something you can read about my Cause.

Just basic information about M.A.C.M.

Basic information page~ You can also send me a friend request on my M.A.C.M Facebook page at Below is the link to the M.A.C.M. Cause page on Facebook, please join me in the…Read More

M.A.C.M. State Pages

Looking for a diverse group of people, take a look at this....

Hello all. If you're going through hard times,like depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts/urges, self harm or any other emotional stress,or are survivors of child molestation, sexual assault, rape and just wish you had a PRIVATE group, besides this page and…Read More
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