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Be informed on what abuse can do. Know the facts. Click the link under video. Watch the video too.

Know and learn more about P.T.S.D.

Show your support for TWLOHA

For information on how you can help spread awareness about suicide prevention, as well as other mental health issues, please visit, http://twloha.com/ Thank you and from the wise words of @JaredPadalecki #AlwaysKeepFighting

Child Abuse and Neglect Statistics from 2005, now look at 2012

How Are We Really Doing? The question of how many children are abused and neglected each year in the United States is seemingly simple, but it does not have an easy answer. Because several national and state agencies collect and analyze different data using…Read More

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Please check out this amazing Foundation!! http://www.isfoundation.com/ISFGrants
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