Protect American crocodiles and their mangrove habitats through conservation and education in order to preserve wildlife for future generations.

ACES's mission is commitment to conserving Belize's critical habitats and protected species, especially Crocodilians, through scientific research and education to prevent further extinction of species Worldwide and to preserve Belize's wildlife for future generations. All funding is appropriated 100% towards rescuing ill-kept, injured and problematic crocodiles throughout Belize; tagging and releasing crocodiles for population assessments; providing secure, natural habitats and professional care for rescued crocodiles; educating local school groups; and raising public awareness on how to safely co-exist with these highly threatened apex predators. Make your donation today by visiting www.beedfund.org and Help Take a Bite Out of Extinction!

1. http://www.americancrocodilesanctuary.org

2. http://www.americancrocodilesanctuary.org/apps/videos/videos/view/4617223-crocodile-friend-of-man

3. http://www.beedfund.com