Free this Solider from prison

1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna is an excellent officer. He received his call to serve his country while attending the University of Central Oklahoma. He is from a family of public servants, his mother being an Assistant United States Attorney and his father a retired Special Agent with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. He has served the Army and the United States with honor and dignity. To sacrifice the life of this Oklahoma soldier over the death of a known terrorist, is a breech of faith for all who are serving our country. For more information: http://defendmichael.wordpress.com/ or http://thebulletin.us/articles/2009/05/27/commentary/op-eds/doc4a1d3131350ff552233813.txt

1. Show this Soldier that Americans do care about our Military men and women

2. To correct this breech of faith.

3. Honor the Soldiers he saved and the ones that he couldn't save!