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How many national park units are in the National Park System?

  • 391 (25% people answered this)
  • 397 (30% people answered this)
  • 400 (22% people answered this)
  • 399 (11% people answered this)
  • 398 (11% people answered this)

36 people voted.

Support NPCA's work to protect our national parks. The nonprofit National Parks Conservation Association works in and around our national parks and monuments, conducting research, and working with community leaders, park advocates, park staff, and state and federal legislators to ensure that our national parks are well funded, well managed, and well protected. Our system of national parks and historic landmarks has been called the best idea America ever had. It is the most tangible, uniquely American expression of our national character and values. From the geysers at Yellowstone to the history of Independence Hall, from the waters of Everglades to the missions at San Antonio, our national parks encompass some of the nation’s highest peaks, deepest gorges, our most enduring icons of democracy, and our diverse American stories. The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) was established in 1919 to protect and enhance the National Park System and to be the pure guardian of the mandate to protect the system’s landmarks and landscapes, unimpaired for future generations. NPCA has been the leading voice of the American people in protecting and enhancing the park system’s superlative examples of America’s natural, cultural, and historic heritage. NPCA and its more than 330,000 members and supporters are committed to preserving the most diverse park system in the world for us now and for those who will come after. 1. To advocate for increased funding for our national parks 2. To educate the public about the parks' history and conservation 3. To protect the wildlife that depend on parks for their survival 4. To preserve both historical and natural areas for the enjoyment and education of our children and grandchildren

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