Improve communication services for military service men and women who are deployed around the world by working with the non-profit organization, JoeOnTheMove

JoeOnTheMove has a vital mission that needs your support now. Our goal is to raise $50,000 in free minutes for soldiers to call home by February 14 for Operation Valentines Connection.

One of our FB members who is presently serving wrote us, "a phone call to a loved one can mean the difference between life or death to some of our soldiers! Every little bit helps. Thanks for the support!".

There's 5 ways you can participate today:
1. Donate generously now - http://bit.ly/6u2Es5.
2. Pledge to invite your Facebook friends and help us grow.
3. Do your own fundraiser or be a corporate sponsor.
4. Tell your community, the media, your workplace and challenge them to donate today.
5. Send in your story or link to a video for us to share with others (email [email protected]).

If you want to partner with us in publicity, fundraising or corporate sponsorship. Email Larry and Andrew at [email protected] and [email protected].

-Who we are.
A non-profit organization that was founded in 2008 with a vision and determined team dedicated to offering free phone call services to troops. We work with civilians, corporate sponsors and other non-profits programs.

- Why is this cause important?
As deployments grow longer and more frequent, soldiers are feeling the stress of separation. This has become evident in the record high numbers of soldier PTSD, depression and suicide reported worldwide.

- What does our cause do?
JoeOnTheMove raises donated funds and offers purchase programs for highly competitively priced digital phone cards at http://www.JoeOnTheMove.com. Our service helps bring peace of mind, emotional support and motivation to a lonely soldier. Our mission is to put our cause on the front pages of newspapers, primetime news and in the awareness of Americans. 2009’s recession has crippled many families and impaired their ability to talk to valiant troops that risk their lives to provide us Liberty and Safety. As a nation it is our duty to provide free phone calls to these heroes.

- Where can soldiers use the service?
Everywhere! US soldiers stationed in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East need to feel connected to the family, friends and communities they left behind.

- How long will it take for the person to get the card?
The person you buy and send the card to will be notified immediately and can begin using your gift within minutes - anywhere in the world!

- For More Information
To read more about JoeOnTheMove go to our ever evolving website at http://www.joeonthemove.com.

- Contact us directly
Co-Founder: Larry Thorpe - [email protected]
Co-Founder: Patrick Ayres -
[email protected]
Project Manager: Tom Standish -
[email protected]
Marketing and Publicity: Andrew Ballenthin
[email protected]

1. Raise awareness for the cause

2. Donate to the non-profit organization, JoeOnTheMove - Click Here http://bit.ly/6u2Es5