The State of CA should honor the word Rehabilitation after the 75% reduction (Sept. 2009) of Treatment, VOC, Education and Reentry programs of its state prisons. Represent the word "Rehabilitation"!

In September of 2009, Sacramento lawmakers reduced substance abuse treatment and education services in California by 75%. Further, remaining substance abuse treatment programs will now be contracted by a "lowest bidder" process that is only for 90 days of treatment rather than the 6-24 month model whhich has been shown in research to greatly reduce recidivism by more than 50% as seen in links here : http://nrepp.samhsa.gov/programfulldetails.asp? PROGRAM_ID=90 and http://tpj.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/79/3/321 and here: http://tpj.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/84/1/81 and here: http://www.journalofsubstanceabusetreatment.com/article/S0740-5472(03)00121-1/abstract and here:
NEWLY ADDED OCTOBER 12, 2009! This annual report was held until AFTER the cuts were made to all the in prison substance abuse programs and aftercare. It clearly shows the significant reduction in recidivism, translating to millions in savings: http://www.cdcr.ca.gov/DARS/docs/dars_ar_2009.pdf New as of 12/15/09 elimination of teacher positions will put class sizes at about 200 after January 2010...IF ANY COMPANY IN THE WORLD RETURNED US A PRODUCT WITH A 70% FAILURE RATE WE WOULD DEMAND OUR MONEY BACK!!!Here's another example, upon release, if a person went into a treatment program, it costs roughly $7,500 to keep them there (supervised) for 6 months. For the same period it would cost $24,500 to house the same person in prison for the same period. DO THE MATH. ***Disclaimer- This FACEBOOK CAUSE is NOT affiliated with the State of California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. It is a collection of concerned citizens tired of the revolving door created by State of California prison policy and its cut of many Rehabilitation efforts since the budget "crisis" of 2009.

1. Joining this Cause lets the CA Governor, Senate, and Assembly members know they lack support of recidivism reduction OR public safety.

2. Communicate that we know recidivsm was reduced by aprox. 50-60% by the in prison and aftercare programs (UCLA, NIDA, and recent DARS, now OSATS stats)

3. MOST now imprisoned will be released to become our neighbors in 2 years or less and need help with their re-entry plan to re-join our communities.

4. Use of the word "Rehabilitation" in California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation should be based on essence rather than political punchline