"Toro Jubilo" Petition Delivery plus Email Action to Take!

Hello Everyone,

Our group Petition against the "Toro Jubilo" was presented on the 28th October, having amassed over 18,000 signatures to date. Thank you to all who helped in sharing and signing, over the past 12 months.
The political animal rights Party PACMA, kindly printed, and delivered it to the Soria Junta, it also had the support of the Humane Society, the German Initiative, Anti Corrida and the UK organisation FAACE (Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe)

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It is now re open in order to continue collecting signatures condemning the brutal, cruelty to bulls in Spanish fiestas.

Please take a moment to continue protesting against the cruelty of the "Toro Jubilo" event which is due to take place on Saturday the 13th November in Medinaceli. A live bull will be abused, tormented and set on fire!! If he survives his terrible ordeal, it is likely he will be used again in another such sadistic, and sickening event!!

Please personalise, and send the following email to Soria officials:

Honorable Officials of Spain:

The Toro de Jubilo (Bull of Fire) is a grotesque spectacle that draws protests and tourism boycotts from around the world. Yet it continues to annually occur in Medinaceli, a province of Soria, Spain.In light of the recent (July 2010) ban on bullfighting in Spain's northeastern Catalonia region, I find it shocking that officials in Soria still let jeering mobs taunt a bull with balls of burning tar or turpentine affixed to his horns. Caked in mud from legs to forehead, the animal slowly scorches. Some smash into walls to escape hours of agony.
"Some traditions can't remain frozen in time as society changes," Catalonian nationalist Jose Rull said when legislators voted to ban bullfighting.

The Toro de Jubilo is frozen in time -- an archaic and senseless brutalization of animals.Please permanently cancel the Bull of Fire throughout Spain. I urge officials to enforce laws that shield animals from all forms of abuse, including vulgar rituals and blood fiestas.

Different cultures may not understand unique customs, but everyone recognizes animal cruelty. Heritage, entertainment, art and religion never justify outright torture.

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(Possibly one of these addresses will bounce, please keep sending)

The Soria, Spanish Tourist board promote Medinaceli, and it's bull torture as a tourist attraction!!. Please leave your comments.


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Kinship Circle.


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