Furry Feet is based in Walnutport Pennsylvania. They are a no-kill shelter for abandoned and homeless animals.

Furry Feet Rescue is a non-profit organization. They take in animals and give them a warm, safe, clean home until they can find them a forever home and family. They are a non-profit that needs our help now and onward to continue. http://www.furryfeetrescue.com/

Our mission is to rescue stray and unwanted small animals and find good permanent families to adopt them. We also will be trying to educate the public on animal care such as dietary needs, shots, and emotional care. In the future, we hope to have a Cruelty Officer who will be doing public education on cruelty law, Humane education while being able to investigate cruelty issues within Northampton County and prosecuting cases that are found or called into the rescue.

1. Help animals find their Forever home

2. Support for animals (kitties, puppies, ferrets, etc.) that need a safe place, help and a home

3. http://www.furryfeetrescue.com/

4. Current picture is of Gigolo, available for adoption

Furry Feet Rescue Inc.
771 S Cottonwood Rd
Walnutpot, Pa 18088

[email protected]