TM-isms and the Gimme a Dollar Trashbag Brigade

Hi, everyone! Thanks for all your support thus far... each and every one of you who has given is making a difference! Please continue to spread the word. We hope to see you all this weekend for the opening festivities! I've included the schedule of events…Read More

Thank you all!

Keep passing the word - we're getting more recruits as the day goes on - and please, if you haven't donated yet, won't you click on the donate button and give up your cup of Starbucks in the morning for TM? $5 is all we're asking. If you can give more, we'd…Read More

Make it happen!

To Our Dearest Washington College Drama and Friends of Drama Alumni: For forty years Tim Maloney has been the heart of the Washington College Drama Department. In honor of all he's given to every drama major, the new Main Stage Green Room could bear his…Read More
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