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June 6 Declare a "Worker's Day" End of 15% Passive Income Tax Break

I propose that we celebrate labor by bringing the passive income tax rate of 15% to the same rate as income for actual work. If Bill Gates retired tomorrow and turn all of his net worth into CD accounts, he would earn about $ a year in interest, (yes 80 million). He would pay capital gain taxes at a 15% rate, half as most middle class families. That is it sound fair to you?
Please pledge to send this to at least one of your representatives, the White House and share with your friends.
On June 6 make it your status update for the day.

We need to multiply. So please invite your friends and tell them to invite theirs, we do not have Rove to back us and organize us, so we just have to push ourselves to be heard. You know the teabaggers would lift the necessary fingers, will you?

All you have to do is:
1) Invite all your friends to the event
2) Make one call. or send one email June 6
3) Update your status to the name of this event June 6
Let's prove that the good guys can get organized too.

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