Back to End Right Wing Obstructionism within the Democratic Party

Keith Olbermann has been silenced; who will be next ? Why not Starbucks?

GE/Comcast are actually validating the Tea Party paranoia (or not) of having our country and freedom taken away by the powers that be.
Once all rational voices have been silenced it will be too late for even second amendment remedies; there will be nothing to fight for, as there will be no one left to tell us what we need to know.
I think it is time for the left to rise or there may be no time at all.
We need our own party and our own news outlet. Keith, Ed and Rachel, Feingold and Grayson, the congressional progressive caucus, George Soros and the Huffingtong Post, it could be now or never, please help us organize, we need a leader, we need this now.
Soon there may be no one standing, I lived through the same process many years ago, today is Keith, tomorrow maybe a friend, then as it goes down the list of all us writing here, all we'll hope for is that when you hear a door being knocked down, it is your neighbor's and not yours.

Let's start with Joe and his sponsor; let's boycott Starbucks. You all know how to make coffee, right? Share this.

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