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911 Mass election help

 This plea came from Mary Jane Stevenson, OFA Directorfor California


My dear friends who helped put the most unlikely candidate into the White House:

I need your help.

As you have all heard, the race to fill Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat on Tuesday is extremely tight. In fact, the situation is dire.

It is going to take everything we have to pull this thing out next Tuesday. There is nothing, nothing more important right now to all the change we have all fought together for than to win this election.

Massachusetts needs our help TODAY. They need to fill 400 volunteer shifts for GOTV and do not have the infrastructure to do it alone. I need all of my friends calling and recruiting volunteers to help the Massachusetts staff build their GOTV volunteer base.

Please get this information out to anyone who may be interested ASAP and have them make these calls.

This race is going to be very close and Health Care may very well hang in the balance.

To make calls, simply click on this link. It’s pretty simple, but if you have ANY questions, you know where to find me.

The link will show you how to record your data. Please make sure to do that so the volunteer shifts will be recorded and the volunteers can be contacted on election day. If you have any questions on this procedure let me know!

Also, please keep track of how many calls you make and report that number back to me – so when Martha Coakley wins that Senate seat, we can show that CA did its part.

Many thanks,

Mary Jane

Mary Jane Stevenson
CA State Director

Organizing for America

Teri Szucs
Cause Creator

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