Could you spare a moment for your dog?

Thank you to everyone for your support of the National Canine Cancer Foundation. When joining the NCCF Causes page, as 14,500 + of you have done, you have the option to receive further Cause related emails from us.  We would like to grow that list because…Read More

Join The National Dog Wash to Cure Canine Cancer!

Join the National Dog Wash and Wash Away Canine Cancer.   This Thanksgiving, give thanks for those pups sitting under your Thanksgiving table and save so many others! ( For a $5 donation to the National…Read More

National Dog Wash to benefit the National Canine Cancer Fondation!

This November, the NCCF is partnering with John Paul Pet to bring you the National Dog Wash!  This is only available through ( as all orders, shipping, etc must be done through the site.  For a $5…Read More

Dog's are bathing in record numbers!! See Why...

Dogs across the country have started #OccupyBathtub movement for the 25%...The 1 in 4 dogs we lose to cancer. We can change this statistic, or we can choose to accept it.  You wouldn't have joined the National Canine Cancer Cause if you were going to sit…Read More

New, Year End Tax Savings for Donating to the NCCF

Hello Everyone,   There only a few more weeks to make your end of the year donations to claim them on your tax returns.  I know for many of you, for tax savings, at the end of the year you make significant donations.  I urge you when deciding on where to…Read More

2 Days Left for Tax Deductibe Donations

We want to remind you that there are only two days left to get a tax deduction for a 2011 donation to the National Canine Cancer Foundation.  The time is now for the National Canine Cancer Foundation.  We need your help to fund our fight for new treatments…Read More


Kitana is featured as our cause's main photo. Maree lost her Kitana to bone cancer. September 6th would have been her birthday. Happy Birthday Sweet Kitana! My thoughts are with you today, Maree.
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