New clips on child abuse

Death Penalty

I am sorry if you are in more than one of my groups as this message is going out of them all but if you care about childrens rights please read and repost thanks kazzie Follow the…Read More

(no subject)

Time for change I couldnt find what I was looking for or what those who write me needed so I started my own a foundation for the people please share this with as many as you can. I can't do this alone Peace kazzie

breaking the Confusion

How we treat others can make a difference; please share this link lets end the confusion

The Indominable Spirit of Australians

Many children will have their lives forever changed by the fury nature unleashed in Queensland and parts of NSW I must say I needed to write to just remind us all that although there is much darkness that surrounds the fight for children their is much…Read More

Derryn Hinch Childrens rights

Many apologies I have been so busy when I sent my last message I forgot the link please read and share many thanks kazzie k

On The Couch talking about Derryn Hinch Sex offender registry being made public and much more

The week that was please share this clip many thanks kazzie k
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