Help raise awareness about the need for global education for women.

S.E.E. is a student organized group. We hope to raise awareness about the need for the education of women, specifically in Africa. S.E.E. is partnered with Camfed.

Camfed has already helped change the lives of 645,400 children through their education programs in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Tanzania.

Educated African Girls:

• Are 3 times less likely to be HIV positive
• Marry 3 years later & have healthier children
• Earn 25% more income & reinvest 90% back into their families

1. Proceeds will go to support 'Camfed' -The campaign for female education

2. A documentary screening will be held January 9th at the Oak Park Art League at 3:00 and 5:00 pm

3. T-Shirts are currently being sold to benefit Camfed