Mission: To create public pressure on Obama, the Justice Department and Congress to push the Justice Department to expand its Torture Probe to include all who Conspired To Cause Torture or ordered it

Petition to the White House.

President Obama, as you know, our Federal Torture Laws include the crime of Conspiracy To Torture and provide for violators sentences of from 20 years to life. It is obvious to most voters that certain members of the Bush Administration conspired to render moot our Federal Torture Laws. We voters believe that act is Conspiracy.

We assume that you are not “soft of crime”. We are sure that you do not advocate a dual standard of justice for America, one for the common voters and another for the rich and elected or appointed political leaders. We are sure that you would not advocate a system of justice where those that violate Federal Laws in one Administration are protected from investigation and prosecution by their successors in the next Administration.

We know you took an oath to defend our Constitution and enforce our Federal Laws. We know you have said that “no man is above the law” and “the law is the law”. We now ask you to be a man of your word and honor the US soldiers who have died for our Constitution and American Rule of Law by expanding the Torture Probe now active in our Justice Department to include All Who Conspired to Avoid or make moot our Torture Laws.

We also ask you to encourage our Justice Department to take the Torture Probe as high as necessary to see that all who approved, ordered or encouraged others to torture are investigated and prosecuted.


John H Kennedy
Denver Colorado

I’m a 44 year Democratic voter, one of your supporters and organizer of http://ANGRYVOTERS.ORG



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