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New year message to all our members

To all of you who believe in the progress of our Motherland Nigeria, and those of you who joined and contributed to the Cause " Give Water & Save Lives" God want you to know that your kind gestures, good thoughts and generosity will yield fruits hundred folds in the year 2010. That it is the year when all you ever hoped for will become manifest. And for those of you who helped and supported us, the angels of God are waiting to help you through the coming year. Much love to you all and please continue to give your support until we achieve our goals and 2010 is the year for us all.

Let us intensify in our recruitment bid, spread the word and help set up regional groups to ensure that we are able to take this idea to all areas of the country and thereby creating regional admin officers to establish the project in every Constituency in the country.

Send an email to any of the current administrators officers to declare your interest, help us to help our communities.

A very happy new year to you all.

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