Construct bore holes to provide clean drinking water to save lives

We are creating awareness with a view to fund raise for the construction of bore hole in areas of the country where clean water is not easily accessible. We are also inviting like minded persons who would like to do same for their communities to partner with us. We are also planning to appeal to international charitable Organisations and groups for expertise, advice and support. Too many young and elderly have died from dirty water related diseases and many more are seriously ill, others are going blind. Please team up with us and lets give something back to the society. We aim to construct over 50 bore holes in the first year especially closer to schools and health centres, as well as the major markets. We are also aiming at raising an initial amount of £30,000.

1. As the government has not been able to provide relevant infrastructures, it has become necessary for us to do it ourselves.

2. Please take interest in this cause and you will be doing your community a great favour

3. Please drop a message in my FB box to express your interest, Together we can make our country a better home to return to.

4. The aim is to recruit over 5000 people over the next 12 months,