We won’t stand by and watch them give away our (EARNED BENEFITS).

Thanks to many former and current police officers, firefighters, teachers and public employees along with good State Legislators have fought and paid a price for the Pensions which we currently have.

The sacrifices we have paid was working grave yards, call outs, weekends, holidays, giving up pay increases, and overtime pay, threatened, cussed at, spit on, assaulted, and the high possibility of death on the job, for these measly Pensions which we currently have. (Compare to the rest of the Nation).

We owe it to them and the next generation to not only fight for what we have given up to receive, but we need to fight to build a Stronger Pension System for our families and the next generation.

I know most of you are busy patrolling our streets, teaching our children, running into a burning building, securing a cellblock or a courthouse, helping the unemployed, helping the disabled, and maybe even mopping up our Legislators. So, please call and email your State Representatives TODAY. Let them know (how) you have sacrificed for those Pensions! And you don’t want the economy to fall even more!

This email address will go to every member in the State Legislature [email protected]

1. Vote out every Politician that gets their paws into our Pensions!

2. Retain commitment to Law Enforcement

3. Retain commitment to Teachers

4. Retain commitiment to State Employees

5. Retain commitiment to Firefighters