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Help Youth Service America ask 1 million more kids to volunteer http://www.at15.com/user/register Youth Service America works in more than 100 countries around the world, and we need your vote! Best Buy is donating $250,000 to four youth supporting…Read More

Miley Cyrus and Disney Join YSA to Promote Youth Service

I am pleased to announce a new YSA partnership with recording artist, movie and television star Miley Cyrus and Disney to increase the number and diversity of children and youth serving in important roles. We will celebrate her 16th birthday together with…Read More

GYSD Update

Along with thousands of partner schools, organizations, and congregations in the United States, youth from National Lead Agencies in 100 countries and from 350 different organizations are planning projects for GYSD 2008!

Applications Being Accepted for the YSA National Youth Council

Please share this with your networks. Youth Service America is accepting applications for its National Youth Council (NYC). The NYC is a diverse group of young people from across North America that advise YSA in its programming, direction, and evaluation.…Read More

Youth Service America Seeks Applicants for National Youth Council

Are you looking for a way to empower your fellow youth to make a difference? Are you passionate about youth voice? Are you ready to work as a team with some of North America’s most socially conscious young people to advance youth engagement? Youth Service…Read More

The 2007 GYSD Report is here!

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