For over 20 years people have enjoyed the Garden and with no notice YARRA CITY COUNCIL wan't it close due to being "UNSAFE"

Help us SAVE Black Cat's Garden

The Black Cat's outside pergola and garden has stood and grown for nearly 20 years. It has provided the public with a relaxing garden sanctuary and taste of bohemian culture which helped make Fitzroy what it is today.

On Tuesday 22nd of September 2009, the YARRA CITY COUNCIL telephoned the Black Cat and informed them that the outside garden structure was "unsafe" and would have to be closed IMMEDIATELY and removed.

It is Black Cats intention to comply with all regulations but will fight hard to keep as much of the original structure and garden as it can.

THE BLACK CAT does not want to remove and part of the pergola or Garden if it can be saved so they need YOUR HELP.

Please forward this to your friends and help us protect the culture of melbourne.