Getting better but we want more

Hello members, I have been quiet the busy little bee and I must admit that there have been several great additions to the games and more opprotunities to earn BP's but, on the down side.....the limited edition items are becoming more expensive. I think we…Read More

no contact

Dear Members, We are over 30,000 members strong. We have not received a response about our request for purchasing BP's with the money we earn nor any of our other request. I will email the creator again this week and the first request will be about earning…Read More

BP updates

Dear FBP members, Well unfortunately I have not gotten a response from our creator. However, one of my fellow sisters posted the following info on her feed page: "The House Mom rewarded you with 96 brownie points.The House Mom rewarded you with 106 brownie…Read More

Contacted Creators

Below is a copy of the letter I wrote Carol, I will continue to contact until we receive a response. Hopefully a positive one! Let's do this ladies and gentlemen! Hopefully we won't have to go on strike (wink)!  Hello Carol, I'm sure you've been overwhelmed…Read More


   LET'S JOIN [email protected] Keke Sutton Cause Creator


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