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Time to Throw Out the Leftovers

The KOREA FTA: A Bad Choice for Leftovers

Leftovers can often be a gamble. It’s even more dangerous if they’ve been sitting out for three years, after being left behind by the last landlord.

Three years ago today, President Bush signed the KOREA Free Trade Agreement on June 30, 2007. Because of problems with human rights, the environment and job loss, Bush couldn't get it passed through Congress.

But it may be brought up for a vote now, unless we fight back.

The Chamber of Commerce is making a massive push for passage in 2010. Please contact congress today and ask them to oppose President Bush’s leftover Korea Free Trade Agreement unless it is rewritten.

The online alert is at

We need to make sure the Korea FTA is the ending point for the last administration, not a starting point for the new one. Contact your elected officials today at and ask them to publicly oppose the Korea FTA, and to let the Administration know this deal needs to be renegotiated. Be sure to leave your home address and to ask for a written response.

Three Ways to Contact Elected Officials

1) By Email: Go to and take 2 minutes over the internet to edit a sample message, personalize it as you wish, and be sure to ask for a written response letter.

2) By Phone: Call 202-224-3121, give your zip code, and request the capitol operator to connect you to your Senator or Representative. When you get the office, confidently ask to speak to the “Trade Staff Person.” Make the points below, and request they come out publicly against the trade deal. Be sure to leave your address, and ask for a reply.

3) By Mail: Go old school. Visit and send paper mail. Type in your zip code, click on representative, and go to the “contact” tab. Send a postcard or letter to the Washington D.C. postal address.

Sample Message

Dear [Elected Official],

We all are eager to support trade agreements that benefit workers, farmers, small businesses and consumers. We all want to pass trade deals that bring about economic justice, poverty alleviation, healthy communities, human rights and a sound environment.

Unfortunately, the KORUS FTA does not meet these goals. It was poorly negotiated, and reflects the unsuccessful ending point of the last administration’s trade policy, not the starting point for the new one.

As job creation becomes more crucial, it would be a mistake to consider another job-killing trade deal cloned off of the NAFTA and CAFTA template. The United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA) does just that. Despite improvements to labor and environmental language made in May of 2007, it is not an acceptable starting point for a new congress and administration.

The KORUS FTA includes many of the same serious problems found in the NAFTA model. If we want to craft an agreement that a majority of the American people can support -- along with a majority of their elected officials -- we need to address problems on foreign investor rights, food safety, procurement provisions, agriculture imbalances and access to medicines.

It’s time to throw this leftover agreement out, and create a new one.

As a constituent, I strongly urge you to publicly oppose the KORUS FTA, to tell the administration it needs to be renegotiated. Please send me a letter saying you will vote against this flawed trade agreement if it comes up as currently written.


(Your name here)


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