Arthur Stamoulis -- New CTC Director

After three years with CTC, I’m handing off the CTC baton after the November election. We’ll do a fancy pants roll out release next month, but I want our friends on Facebook to be some of the first to know the torch is proudly being passed to Arthur…Read More

Join in Opposition to the Korea FTA

Sometimes, in order to get our point across, we need to combine our voices to be heard. If you belong to an organization or union, ask your group to join with 230 others in opposition to the Korea FTA. President Bush signed the Korea Free Trade Agreement…Read More

Join us for a Poll Briefing on Trade and Jobs Tomorrow 2 pm EDT

Politico, the Washington Post, and the Hill are covering the poll that's become a catalyst for a new jobs and trade agenda. Congressional leaders have reacted to the results, crafting an election year agenda around "Make it in America". The decline of…Read More

Time to Throw Out the Leftovers

The KOREA FTA: A Bad Choice for Leftovers Leftovers can often be a gamble. It’s even more dangerous if they’ve been sitting out for three years, after being left behind by the last landlord. Three years ago today, President Bush signed the KOREA Free Trade…Read More

Support the Promise of Progressive Trade Reform

A few hours ago, eight Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) countries started negotiations in San Francisco, and the result will be the Obama trade agenda. This meeting provides a long-overdue opportunity to address failures of the past, and to lay out a new…Read More

Help Shape the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

We need your help to shape the negotiations of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) on June 14th in San Francisco, California. For use our online alert, visit During his campaign,…Read More

Join Rep. Slaughter for Activist Briefing Call on Trade & China

China: The 800 Pound Dragon in the Room Briefing Call @ 2:00 pm EST Today, April 13th Number: (712) 775-7400 Access Code: 123776# Why: This issue is rapidly becoming the top trade topic of 2010, as President Obama’s Administration postponed their April 15th…Read More
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