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A few hours ago, eight Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) countries started negotiations in San Francisco, and the result will be the Obama trade agenda. This meeting provides a long-overdue opportunity to address failures of the past, and to lay out a new framework for the future.

During 2008, President Obama outlined a bold new vision for trade reform, promising to push new agreements that would put people first. Today we have our opening to move these ideas into action.

We need your help to send a clear message to Congress that we support President Obama's progressive campaign commitments. We need you to tell them we want these promises injected into trade negotiations going on this week.

Please spend two minutes at the link below to contact your elected officials:

If corporate pro-NAFTA forces get their way, the TPP will replicate the worst provisions of past failed trade talks. Their multinational neo-con 'free-trade' agenda will merely mirror past FTA failures with Colombia, Panama and Korea. Those unfinished negotiations under the Bush Administration are an ending point for the last administration, not a starting point for the new one.

Instead, the TPP must become the place for the Obama reform agenda to take shape. With our support, the administration can craft a trade model that creates - not destroys - the dreams of America's working families.

But this will only happen with your support. The time to act is now.

It is time to expand trade under terms that deliver benefits to more people. It is time to put forth a deal that can gain the support of a majority in Congress. It is time to enact the Obama promise on trade reform.

Write to your elected representatives urging them to back the President's reform commitments. Ask them to support a TPP trade deal that ditches the NAFTA model and crafts a new trade agenda that works for all of us. Ask them to use the TRADE Act as a roadmap to do it right.

Three different ways to contact elected officials . . .

1) By Internet: Contact your elected representatives using our online alert below. Enter your zip code, and then personalize a message based on their voting records.

2) By Phone: Call (202) 224-3121 and ask the switchboard operator to connect you to your member's office. Confidently ask to speak to the "Trade Staffer". Make the points in the letter below, including that any new TPP trade deal must ditch the NAFTA model and use the TRADE Act as a roadmap for negotiations. Ask for a written response about whether the official agrees with your "new deal or no deal" approach, and what he or she will do to help deliver on it. Be sure to leave your address.

3) By Mail: If you want to go old school, visit to send paper snail mail. Type in your zip code, click on representative, and go to the "contact" tab.

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