Trade exists to help people, not the other way around.

International trade and investment are not ends unto themselves, but should also be viewed as a means for achieving other societal goals such as economic justice, human rights, healthy communities, and a sound environment.

The rules which govern the global economy must reflect the views and needs of the majority of the world's people on issues such as jobs, wages, the environment, human rights, food and consumer safety, access to essential services, and public health.

CTC is a leading advocacy vehicle to fight for international trade policy that is tilted more in favor of the interests of the majority of the world's people, and less in the interests of multinational corporate giants.

We are not against trade. We just know there is a better way to move goods and services across borders.

1. Global labor, environmental, labor, health, food security, and other public interest standards must be strengthened

2. The provision and regulation of public services such as education, healthcare, transportation, energy, water, and other utilities is a basic function of democratic government and must not be undermined

3. Countries must be allowed to design and implement policies to sustain family farms and achieve food security

4. The right of state and local governments to create and enforce diverse policies must be safeguarded from imposed standardization.

5. Rules for the global economy must be developed and implemented democratically and with transparency and accountability