Finally....a place to talk about all of the random acts of kindness that happens everyday!

This blog is dedicated to all of the people out there that continue to make a difference through their kindness and generosity. It has always been said that negativity is contagious….well so it positivity, and I am out to prove just that by having wonderful beings such as yourself, post all of your good deeds right here! With our nation in the state that it’s in, we NEED more wonderful people to step forward and continue to make a difference, one good deed at a time!

Let’s see just how many people out there are going un-noticed for their good deeds due to the always, negative headlines! It’s time to make a difference all around….so let’s get it started right here.

If you fed someone; helped someone across the street; volunteered at a chartity; mentored someone; adopted a child/animal; helped a homeless person or family; donated clothes, food, etc…..it doesn’t matter! If it was a good deed…it needs to be noticed so post your good deed here!

I’d like to personally thank each and every one of you for stepping up, and wanting to make a difference in someone’s life and our world.

May you continue to have many blessings and peace in your life.

1. Negative news always gets attention over POSITIVE NEWS!

2. There are wonderful people that perform random acts of kindness regularly and we don't hear a word about it!

3. Being proud of yourself and sharing your act of kindness is not conceit...but it is contagious! So Please Share!