How you can contribute…

Various people, some members of this cause, have approached us to inquire how they can contribute for the cause and in specific for the NGO, Navkshitij. Navkshitij Philosophy… A home for mentally challenged adults where, they will live a life which is…Read More


At first let us all THANK Ms. Rati Menon who has become the 1000th member of your cause and aided us to achieve the FIRST reasonable milestone in our journey. Congratulations to one and all for all the efforts put in and support. This indeed is not even the…Read More

An evening of music and dance

You will be happy to know that the program was witnessed by 600 kind hearted persons. They enjoyed every moment of it. This includes the small skit, based on theme of Indian independence struggle starting with Mangal Pandey to Gandhiji, whilst the background…Read More

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939 MEMBERS AND ONLY 2 ATTENDEES Friends if not possible to attend you can help by; (a) selling some donor passes AND /OR (b) BUYING A DONOR PASS yourself and gifting it to someone who can attend. Maybe get (through us) a parent of an MCF (along with the…Read More

A gentle reminder - Your support will go a long way in the lives of our MCFs

Fund raising event during the JOY OF GIVING WEEK. Proceeds will go to Navkshitij (a NGO and home for the Mentally Challenged) for the construction of a new permanent residence for the mentally challenged. There are 24,000 such persons in Pune district…Read More


ABOUT THE JOY OF GIVING WEEK The Joy of Giving Week is a "festival of giving" that aims to bring together Indians all across the country and abroad through different acts of giving- money, time, skills or resources. The Week was launched in 2009 and will now…Read More


Our MCFs under the able leadership of Dr. Neelima are back after a grueling though extremely enjoyable trek. They left Pune on Sunday, May 2 and returned on Friday, May 14. They went to Mani Mahesh. Our special friends scaled 12,000 feet, no mean feat this!…Read More
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